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Stanford Geriatric Psychiatry Research

The Stanford Geriatric Psychiatry Research group is focusing on mechanisms and developing artificial intelligence-driven tools for early detection and diagnosis of complex behavioral disturbance among older adults at risk for dementia.


F. Vankee Lin, PhD, RN

Clinical Professor, Stanford University 

Dr. Lin is a leader in research on brain aging and dementia. Her career is dedicated to understanding the neurophysiological mechanisms of cognitive impairment and designing non-pharmacological interventions to target those mechanisms to delay or prevent cognitive decline, particularly in individuals at risk for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease

Ehsan Adeli, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Adeli is the director of the Mind and Motion Lab (MML). He is affiliated with the Computational Neuroscience (CNS) LabStanford AI Lab (SAIL)Stanford Vision and Learning (SVL) lab, and the Partnership in AI-Assisted Care (PAC). He is also an investigator in the Stanford Trustworthy AI group and the SAIL-Toyota Center For AI Research. He works at the intersection of machine learning, computer vision, computational neuroscience, healthcare, and medical image analysis.

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Laura Dunn, MD

Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Dunn is a psychiatrist with extensive research and clinical experience in the evaluation and management of older adults with mood, anxiety, and cognitive disorders, as well as psycho-oncology She is an internationally-recognized expert on the study of ethical issues in clinical and psychiatric research (e.g., informed consent, decision-making capacity, and influences on research participation), with a focus on potentially vulnerable individuals. Her work has included randomized trials of novel methods for enhancing the informed consent process for research and assessments of potential participants’ understanding of key aspects of research participation. 


Erin Cassidy-Eagle, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Cassidy-Eagle is a clinical geropsychologist who specializes in the treatment of mental health disorders in adults and older adults. Dr. Cassidy-Eagle has a special interest in the intersection of sleep, cognition and mental health; her research focuses on adult and geriatric sleep disorders, cognitive functioning and their relationship to other medical and mental comorbid conditions in older adults. Recently she has launched projects targeting the integration of mental health care into primary care settings serving older patients.

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