Ongoing Studies

Efficacy and Mechanisms of Combined Aerobic Exercise and Cognitive Training in MCI (ACT study)


We are investigating how aerobic exercise (i.e. cycling) and computerized cognitive training, along or together, affect cognition, brain structure and function, and physical fitness, in adults aged 65 years or older who have mild memory complaints.

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Healthy Aging Research Program: Computerized Cognitive Training

(HARP Cognitive Training) 


Based on vision-based speed of processing (VSOP) training, we are studying the effects of computerized cognitive training on social well-being in adults aged 60 years or older. 

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Personalized Engagement Program (PEP): PACT study


We are using a person-centered intervention to assess whether computer-based cognitive training programs modify attitudes towards technology use, cognitive function, and independence. Participants are older adults aged 60 years or older with mild memory complains who are current residents of local senior living communities. 

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