Principal Investigators

Vankee Lin, Lead PI 

Vankee is a leader in research on brain aging and dementia. Her career is dedicated to understanding the neurophysiological mechanisms of cognitive impairment and designing non-pharmacological interventions to target those mechanisms to delay or prevent cognitive decline, particularly in individuals at risk for mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease. CV

Zhengwu Zhang, Assistant Professor

Zhengwu has established expertise in developing novel statistical and machine learning methods to extract knowledge from large neuroimaging datasets. His research involves prototyping state-of-the-art algorithms that address the modeling and computational challenges that often limit the accessibility of neuroimaging data from longitudinal, multi-site databases. CV

Tim Baran, Assistant Professor

Tim integrates multiple functional imaging modalities to identify imaging biomarkers that may allow for earlier diagnosis and improved treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as biomarkers to identify neural correlates of successful cognitive aging. 

Baran Lab

Andrew Anderson, Research Assistant Professor
Andy researches how different memory types are processed in the brain during language comprehension. He uses functional neuroimaging and electrophysiological methods to measure brain activity and computational models to decode them. His current projects focus on how information processing changes in the aging brain, and how this can inform early detection of cognitive impairment. CV

Research Staff

Nick Verhoef

Judy Brasch

Sierra Prior

Jeff Swan

Sarah Therrien

Sophie Nash

Postdoctoral Fellows

Quanjing Chen

Adam Turnbull

Graduate Students

Mia Anthony

Martin Cole

Undergraduate Research Assistants 

Bennett Kukla

Oliver Choi

Sarah Cawley

Shama Varghese

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