Lab Focuses

Delaying cognitive and functional decline


We research the stages of cognitive decline preceding Alzheimer's type dementia (e.g. preclinical Alzheimer's and mild cognitive impairment) to investigate strategies that may delay age- and pathology-related cognitive decline.

Neuroplasticity-targeted interventions


We utilize non-pharmacological cognitive interventions with physiological measures (e.g. ECG) to evaluate changes in brain neuroplasticity in older adults with different cognitive capacities.

Computational modeling of cognitive and neural profiles in aging


We apply different statistical and computational modeling techniques to understand the complicated cognitive trajectories and neural patterns in normal and abnormal aging process.

Neurophysiological markers


Beyond the traditional neuropsychological tests, we employ multiple imaging techniques to measure brain function and structure (e.g. functional and structural connectivity, white matter integrity) and brain pathology (e.g. amyloidosis).

Central-peripheral interaction


We examine the interaction between the central nervous system and peripheral homeostatic systems to understand the impact of these relationships on neural plasticity.

Cognitive aging-associated phenomenons


We focus on studying the cognitive aging-related phenomenons including fatigue, frailty, and decision-making.